Gemma is fabulous, I’m positive she has the gift of healing hands, Wilson is coming on leaps and bounds after spinal surgery and loves her sessions with him. I couldn’t recommend highly enough. Thank you

N Aspinell

Following spinal surgery, Leela (our whippet pup) was unable to walk at first. Gemma has been a great help in rehabilitating her and now she is not just walking but wanting to run! I found Gemma to be really caring and professional. Thanks for all your help!

R Carter

Physiotherapy has given my dog a new lease of life. She even asks to go out for a walk now and seems so much happier, when before she was refusing to get out of bed. It’s been so helpful receiving a professional insight into the condition of her body – I didn’t realise for instance that she had back pain and that the muscles in her back legs needed building up. My dog doesn’t normally like being touched but she enjoys her physio sessions and seems really relaxed. She even enjoys her daily exercises which have easily become part of our daily routine. I am delighted with the improvement in my dogs quality of life – I wish I had taken her sooner!

F Richardson

Our Border Collie sadly has some degenerative conditions since birth which really started to affect him a few months ago. It was very upsetting to see him going downhill after so many years when these problems didn’t seem to bother him at all.We got in touch with Gemma and he very quickly started to improve and we did all the, simple, exercises she suggested with him. Obviously this has been wonderful to see and we are very grateful to Gemma who is always great to have here and I should also mention that her experience and general manner really help put your mind at rest. Thank you so much!

P Parr