The Essex Animal Physiotherapy Centre is based in Felsted, Dunmow and is run by fully qualified and insured Veterinary physiotherapist Gemma Anthony BSc MSc NAVP AHPR. Membership to the NAVP is via an accredited, externally validated university animal/veterinary physiotherapy qualification at BSc or PgD/MSc level. These are courses which have been accredited by the Animal Health Professionals Register (AHPR) or recognised by the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Professionals (RAMP). Gemma is also registered on the AHPR.

Gemma graduated from Writtle University College in 2015 with a BSc in Animal Science and went on to study for an MSc in Veterinary Physiotherapy at Writtle in 2016. She graduated in 2019 with a merit and formed her mobile Veterinary physiotherapy business, Essex Veterinary Physiotherapy Services. During this time, she was able to treat a variety of different cases and has gained experience working with everything from rabbits to horses. She particularly enjoys working with agility dogs to improve their strength and fitness and minimise the risk of injury during training and competition. Clinically, she has a keen interest in IVDD and has successfully rehabilitated a number of canine and feline patients suffering from the condition.

In January 2021, Gemma had the pleasure of opening her own physiotherapy clinic based on her home premises. The clinic is complete with an underwater treadmill, enabling Gemma to offer hydrotherapy to her patients as well as physiotherapy. Many injuries and conditions benefit from both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy and patients seen at The Essex Animal Physiotherapy Centre have the benefit of being able to receive both forms of treatment under one roof.

When not working, Gemma is largely kept busy with her own animals. She owns a 10 year old sprocker spaniel, Rue, with whom she still trains and competes successfully in agility at grade 7, and a 1 year old border collie called Marvel, who is just starting out in his agility training. They also share their home with her partner’s two Australian Shepherds (Ripley, 10, and Dexter, 1), both of which also train and compete in agility, and two Norwegian Forest Cats. Gemma also owns a 25 year old Irish Sports Horse x Cob called Jacko, who is now living out his days in retirement, a boa constrictor, several species of gecko and a Uromastyx. Outside of animals, Gemma enjoys playing the piano, board games, video games and travel.